Bring tools to the children in your life to help them increase social skills, self-regulate emotions, reduce anxiety, and increase comprehension through fun literacy centered yoga brain breaks!

If you could change something in your classroom what would it be?

Would you help your students reduce their test anxiety? Would you help them improve their social skills? Would you like to see them self-regulate their emotions better so it doesn’t interfere with their ability to learn or make friends? Would you like to bring FUN back into the classroom while giving your students important skills for school and life? If you answered YES to any of these, READ ON…

What are people saying about the products?

Kimberly N. said:
Great way to retell the story! My students enjoyed it! (4/4 stars)

Stephanie D. said:
This is so well done. My students really loved it. (4/4 stars)

Christine S. said:
So much fun. Very much needed at this time of year. (4/4 stars)

Serina H. said:
Just what I needed. This worked out great. thanks (4/4 stars)

Marlie Rose (TpT Seller) said:
Hello! I love this activity! I have featured this on my blog, I have been trying to feature new TpT sellers with their freebies.
You can check the post out here! http://www.marlierosenberg.com/2017/11/HibernationFreebies.html
(4/4 stars)

Melanie B. said:
Fun, easy connection to topic study at Morning Meeting.Thanks!
(4/4 stars)

Sandra P. said:
This is perfect and adorable for my special education class to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday!! (4/4 stars)

What are parents saying about Mariann’s classes?

“Instructor very patient”

“I could do something that I enjoy with my kids”.


Most teachers have daily disruptions to the routine that affects the flow of the day. These disruptions can completely throw off other students, resulting in more behavioral disruptions. Some of these disruptions may be due to students’ lack of social skills. It may be due to school/test related anxiety and stress that students are feeling more and more each year.

I’ve created a variety of products that will support you in your classroom. Many are strategies and techniques that I used during my 16 years of teaching students on the Autism Spectrum. Some are newer strategies I learned and developed as a children’s yoga teacher. Some are what I wished I had had when I was in the classroom with students who had high anxiety and low coping skills and social skills.

Ommazing Kids will give you access to calming strategies, self-regulation techniques, yoga brain breaks, mindfulness strategies, social skills games, activities, printables, lessons, and so much more. My goal is to help you bring creativity and fun back into your classroom without the guilt, as you will be providing them with Ommazing tools.

At the end of the school year, you will be sending your Ommazing Kids onto the next grade knowing you gave them tools for a lifetime!


Mariann Primus

What are directors and professionals saying about Mariann?

“I would highly recommend (Mariann) for teaching Kids’ Yoga classes and Parent and Child Yoga classes.  (Mariann is) calming, kind, and organized.  Children, parents, and grandparents all enjoyed…classes and asked us to have (her) back more.” – Lee Gorski, Children’s Media Specialist in Martin County, FL

“I have known Mariann Primus for over nine years working professionally as an elementary school ASD teacher and as an owner (of Ommazing Kids LLC)/instructor for Kidding Around Yoga. Mariann has always demonstrated a true dedication to her professions. She is extremely friendly and a caring person who is devoted to her work, family, and faith.” – Jan Meade, Media Specialist in Martin County, FL

Introduce your students to ways to calm their bodies and brains today!

Click here to get your free yoga brain break (currently only available for purchase on Teacher’s Pay Teachers) AND a free printable calming strategy.

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