The Yoga Rocks Project is a project from my heart. I stepped into the world of yoga in 2015 when I became trained to teach yoga to children. I started by introducing poses, calming breaths, and simple sequences to my class, a self-contained ESE elementary classroom. A year later, I left the traditional classroom that had been my home away from home for 16 years and started my own business teaching yoga poses, combining yoga and children’s literature, and teaching calming techniques to children across age and ability levels. I brought yoga to children and their families to their homes and in libraries, preschools, community centers, a local YMCA after-school program, festivals, and co-taught a yoga summer camp for 2 consecutive summers. I saw such great benefits and positive outcomes with so many children. They were discovering how to self-regulate their emotions by taking balloon breaths, doing a favorite pose, or sitting still and repeating a short phrase to calm their body and mind. What was even better is that they were passing these strategies onto their friends, siblings, parents, and grandparents! I was witnessing 3 and 5 year olds passing yoga joy onto their loved ones.

A couple years later, our family obligations changed. My husband and I spent a little over a year traveling fulltime around the USA. Most of the locations were dictated by his saftey consulting business. During our travels, we found several very cool painted rocks that were a part of different online rock groups. We picked up a few and took them halfway across the country with us and left them in places for someone else to enjoy. I was not teaching very many classes at this time and really missed bringing yoga into the community. Then I thought, “Why can’t I do the same thing and spread yoga joy across the country a different way?!”…And that is how Yoga Rocks Project was born. Now, hubby does most of the traveling solo, as life changed for us again, and I care for a family member but between his solo trips and our occassional outings as a couple, rocks get picked up, brought back to Ocala, FL, painted, and then placed in various places: some close to home and others much further away.

The photo galleries below group the rocks by the location they were originally found. Full disclosure: the original rocks were purchased at a local Hobby Lobby! LOL! All projects have to start somewhere. 😉 All the other rocks have been gathered from nature.

Now, it is up to you! If you find a yoga rock, pick it up and do the pose. You can share a picture of yourself doing the pose on our facebook page, and let us know where you found it. Then, feel free to move it to another location: new park, new city, new state, new country….that is all up to you! Hopefully, someone will find it in it’s new home and keep the journey going.

Thank you for participating and remeber, Yoga Rocks!

Namaste and Blessings,